Perfect tools for cross-checking your results but how?

Let's talk about my journey with pycaret. I started using it from April onwards and it really helps me a lot during model building. Absolutely perfect for cross-checking your result if you are new to machine learning, when I started with the Machine learning project I always want to try a different type of model and always try to give my best to improve my model and it takes a lot of time because if you go through a normal procedure you have to run all machine learning algorithm one by one or you have to create pipeline but yeah for a beginner it's tough and for those who come from other than CS background or always rely on google for code than for them its big headache to go one by one and type code.

Hold on ! your work is still not done, if you want to improve your model performance you have to write code and then decide which model I have to perform for the best result, ahh annoying right. The same happened to me initially.

Pycaret comes at the right time to rescue me and help me to avoid me write lengthy coding. One line of code and it's done.

Pycaret is growing every day and now updated pycaret version is available. It comes with good documentation and easily interpretable by users. If you did not have started working with pycaret just do start and feel the power of this toolkit.

Data Scientist